Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quench Your Head's Thirst!

I am pleased to report that a good friend and really smart guy, Scott Davis, has formed a new company, ThirstyHead, with another great industry icon, Andrew Glover.

The company will provide top notch training focused primarily in Groovy and Grails initially, but if I know anything about these guys, we can expect to see other great offerings as well. Besides their excellent knowledge in all things Groovy and Grails, Scott is the GIS guy in the Java circles (he wrote the book!) and Andrew has done some amazing work in Behavior Driven Development (he wrote the code!).

If you have not had the chance to see Scott talk, you are truly missing a great learning opportunity and a fun time. Scott's speaking style is very informal and engaging. He is very passionate about the subjects he talks about and draws extensively from his own experience.

I have only had the opportunity to attend one talk by Andrew, but have listened to many of his podcasts on JavaWorld and read his entertaining Disco Blog. Based upon what I have heard, I think the Davis/Glover partnership will go far.

If you want to quickly bootstrap your understanding of cutting edge technologies that are bringing rapid, dynamic development tools to the Java platform, ThirstyHead is the place to go! I owe a lot professionally to Scott and wish him and Andrew much success in this endeavor!